Ryan's single barrel Four Roses bourbon is now in the store. This barrel was aged for 9 years 9 months high in the rackhouse on the property of Four Roses distillery.

Ryan choose this barrel from a lot of 10 with master distiller Jim Rutledge. This bourbon is unique from our other single barrels because it is uncut and unfiltered, the barrel was dumped and bottled as is. This means higher proof whiskey at 57% alcohol, for the bourbon drinker.

While supplies last, $49.99

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Saturday Wine Tasting

April 19th, 2014 @ 11AM til 2PM

No not Friday, but Saturday for a wine tasting. The Saturday before Easter Dean's is inviting you to join them to try some wine to take to your Easter celebration.

April 19th from 11 til 2PM join us in the wine room for a few samples of wine perfect for your Easter celebration.

Last Friday Wine Tasting

April 25th, 2014 @ 5PM til 8PM

As always Dean's will be putting together a few wines to taste on the last Friday evening of April. Friday the 25th from 5 til 8PM you're invited to join us for a few samples.

What would like to taste? We are always looking for ideas/suggestions for what to taste. Email us, we love to get input from our customers.